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Why Study Abroad?

Students study abroad for many different reasons. Some want to experience a different country or culture, others want to perfect a foreign language and others want to build the skills needed to be effective in today's global business environment.

Our observation is that study abroad is an incredibly enriching experience for most students and, for some students, study abroad changes their life goals and direction. Study abroad will challenge you to see the world in a different light, help you develop new personal, academic and professional skills and broaden your horizons and knowledge. One thing is certain. You will come back from a study abroad experience a different person than when you started it.

The "Big Three"
  1. Academic Perspective
  2. Personal Development
  3. Career Enhancement
Academic Perspective

Studying in a foreign country can help you understand your academic major from an international perspective and how your intended career is related to increasingly global issues, co-workers, clients, customers, etc.

Personal Development

Studying abroad can tell you a lot about yourself. The experience of having to adapt to a new culture and interact with a diverse group of people will bring out elements of your personality that you did not even know existed. The unique moments and new experiences that you have while abroad will be life lessons and memories that will stay with you forever. Study abroad can be a journey of discovery, not just of countries and places, but of who you really are.

Career Enhancement

Employers these days are looking for more than just academics. The skills required to compete in many of today's work environments involve things such as proficiency in more than one language, the ability to adapt easily, multicultural awareness and international experience. Studying abroad can provide you with all these skills and more, while setting you apart from most other job applicants.

Top Reasons to Study Abroad
  • Become more mature and self-confident as you learn the skills to succeed in unfamiliar environments and enjoy adapting to new places.
  • Earn academic credit that will help you progress toward your graduation while experiencing a new environment.
  • Get an international experience beyond a superficial tourist experience.
  • Understand how culture guides values and behaviors and learn to respect different cultures.
  • Practice intercultural competencies that enhance your career and social relationships.
  • Make friends and meet people from a completely different background
  • Take one of the few opportunities most people ever have to live in a different country
  • Add something extra to your resume which will make you more appealing to employers.
  • Enhance your career opportunities with a second or third language which is so valuable to the future of our workforce.